A new year and our new site.


sense 3 at DC.jpg

You can keep in touch with  GGDC  via their new website and blog.


With thanks for all the lovely messages of support and continuing interest in out work.

We look forward to hearing from you via our new online home and exploring present possibilities.




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Endings and beginnings…..


Our wonderful Creativity Matters Project is drawing towards its end.

We have had five fantastic years of dancing and making new friends.

We have taken our love of  dance to many care homes, day centres and treatment units, spreading joy as we went and being active advocates for person centred creative engagement.

We want to express our  sincere gratitude to Alice Thwaite of Equal Arts for making the project happen and for the incredible opportunity that was given to us to help to make a difference in care homes and particularly to people living with dementia.

All  of the GG dancers will retain precious memories of what it is to make a difference by sharing  their love of dance.

We also want to thank Michelle Cadby our project manager who is always calm, always positive and delightfully unflappable…..quite an achievement over five years!

We are looking forward to new developments and new adventures and wish all our friends and fellow lovers of dance a joyous festive time and all good things for 2017.

We will post up details on this blog of where you can find out about what we did next

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“Such emotion…so involved…it’s wonderful”


GG had a great class this morning, soaking up the positive vibe we get when we create together.

In the afternoon we  shared our love of dancing with older patients resident at Sunniside Unit , Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead and quite simply  the joy spread…..around the room and down the corridors…..

It is so delightful and rewarding  when patients recognise a significant change in themselves  and others and we are able to give this the attention and time  it deserves .

The title of this blog post came from one participant who was so thrilled at the atmosphere and sense of community that was created by dancing together.

A fabulously positive  start to the weekend!





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Go Gently Gentle George

Paula and GeorgeSadly one of our wonderful  Grand  Gestures dancers George has died.

George was quick witted, fleet of foot and a wonderful player with words

He was a terrific twister  and once won a ” twisting competition” in Blackpool !

Even  when very  ill he  found the joy in his heart to keep on dancing

A wonderful gentleman

With gratitude for his life,  for times shared and for the chance to have shared a dance with gentle  George….

Travel well…..

Paula and all your friends at Grand Gestures

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Grand Gestures feature in Yogamatters blog

Yoga on Ferry

Very lovely article by  Helen Redfern who came to share company class recently.

Great to be featured on a yoga blog as  yoga and mindful movement are an essential part of our weekly classes. We even do yoga on ferries!!


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Coming to our senses…..a delicious approach to training.

As part of the Creativity Matters project  community artist Meg Middleton and dance artist Paula Turner have been developing and sharing a training programme based around the senses.

The training was sparked by reflective  conversations between Paula and Meg when they discussed how they were developing their practice in care homes . How the creative impulse underpinning our sessions goes beyond specific art forms to something much deeper and universal.

The series of workshops  has included  valuing sensory awareness and  has also  had a strong emphasis on how we bring the outside in to care settings in easy, practical ways and how that can  impact on well being.

Today we  spent a wonderfully warm and bright sunny  morning in the realm of smell with care staff from across Gateshead. We  found ourselves effortlessly sharing memories, associations, words, movements and songs all triggered by smell.

The smell of dad’s pipe, a world of oranges, my daughter’s house, running across Grandma’s lawn and many, many more….

With thanks to all participating staff for their contribution and participation today.

Today’s session is dedicated to Robert a resident at Northbourne Care home who passed away peacefully yesterday and  with whom I  have enjoyed moving, singing and shooting imaginary rabbits!

Paula Turner







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“It’s contagious” International Day of Dance


International Dance Day was shared with residents from Harton Grange alongside musicians from Sandtimers and of course dancers from Grand Gestures.

We had the best of times….. we swayed and swished, waltzed and wriggled. A real treat to have live music effortlessly and beautifully  directed by Meg Middleton.

Bertha beamed, Albert drummed and Irene took to the floor

Peter played with passion, Joyce and her Aunty Joyce sang out loud and proud.

Bob dipped and bounced about…and Claudine….well Claudine said that this dancing and music thing that  we  all love so much.. well…….

“It’s Contagious” so please we implore you get spreading it around !




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